Greatest American Painters

Edward V. Brewer (1883 – 1971)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 8, 2009

Boy & Girl Walking To School Hand In HandBoy & Girl Walking To School Hand In Hand

Boys Playing The Prank Of Knotting Other Boys ClothesBoys Playing The Prank Of Knotting Other Boys Clothes

Boy Sitting At A Table Eating Bowl Of Cereal, Glove & BaseballBoy Sitting At A Table Eating A Bowl Of Cereal

Two Children Sitting On Step Sharing Bowl Of CerealTwo Children Sitting On A Step Sharing A Bowl Of Cereal

The World's Fare (small)The World’s Fare

Rodeo Parade - In The Montana-Wyoming Dude Ranch CountryRodeo Parade – In The Montana-Wyoming Dude Ranch Country

Children Looking At A Painting of ChefChildren Looking At A Painting Of Chef

Grandmother And Baby Seated At A TableGrandmother And Baby Seated At A Table

title unknowntitle unknown

Santa Claus Bending Over Boy And Girl AsleepSanta Claus Bending Over Boy And Girl Asleep

Standing Back of Uncle SamStanding Back Of Uncle Sam

The Statue Of Liberty

39 Responses to “Edward V. Brewer (1883 – 1971)”

  1. enrico said

    Mi sono ammazzato dal ridere 🙂
    Queste si che erano pubblicità, altro che tette e culi d’oggi..

    • Suzay Lamb said

      Una curiosità. Il simpatico chef nero che ricorre in tutti i disegni pubblicitari di Cream of Wheat era realmente un cuoco. Si chiamava Frank White e lavorava in un ristorante di Chicago.

  2. Connie Trotter said

    dear Suzay, 6-12-09
    I recently bought a picture at a yard sale–(just for the frame) and under the 1st picture was another one that is dated 1948 and has EDWARD BREWER signature and the year inscribed on it—I would like to know when and where this painting is from, as it is a bridge landscape painting. do you know of this painting?? please rsvp back to me at my e-mail—-please
    Many Thanks—-Connie Trotter

  3. nanci said

    Hi Connie,

    I have the print you bought at the yard sale. It was painted in 1948 by Edward Brewer and is called ” The Old Spiral Bridge at Hastings.”
    The bridge was in Hastings, MN and it crossed the Mississippi. The artist is somewhat famous for his earlier works advertising “Cream of Wheat”. My grandmother had the print framed and on her wall in River Falls, WI. After her death, my mother inherited it and since has given it to me. I was told by an uncle that it was the first spiral bridge built. (I don’t know if that is true.) I am looking for other pieces he did from the Minnesota, Wisconsin area. The “Cream of Wheat” prints are beautiful.

    • JOANN JOHNSON said


      • Dianne Anderson said

        I just found a print of this that seems to be in good condition from my aunts estate. Sell or keep. Its a great print! Did you ever get a value?

  4. Debra Lewis said

    I recently purchased a very unusual original watercolor painting by Edward Brewer. It appears to be perhaps a study; it is much less refined than his finished oils. It shows three horses galloping, pulling a fire truck down a busy city street. I am presently auctioning the painting off on eBay. Have you seen any finished oil paintings by Brewer that might be associated with this study?

    • Mark Tyler said

      Debra: Did you sell the the watercolor you had? If not I may be interested.

      • Debra Lewis said

        Dear Mr. Tyler,

        I did not sell the painting; there was a problem with the eBay transaction so the sale was canceled. I have made no further attempts to sell the picture.

        Debra Lewis

    • Pamela Raser said

      Hello Debra,

      I too have the print you mentioned. My aunt and uncle had it and I purchased it at their auction years ago. My husband at the time was a Chaska Firefighter and I thought it was pretty neat. They had it mounted on cardboard at the time so I had it framed and it hangs above our fireplace in the basement with his other FD treasures! It’s approximately 17 1/2″ wide by 17 1/2″ high.

      Pam Raser

      • Debra Lewis said

        I didn’t know there were prints made of this painting; I have the original painting, not a print. Hope you are enjoying that wonderful image!

        Debra Lewis

      • Pamela Raser said

        Hello Debra,
        The more I look at this painting, the more it looks like a watercolor, and not a reproduced print, but I”m not sure. Do you live in MN (metro area) and would you be interested in meeting to look at it? Thanks much.

        Pam Raser

  5. Nedra Turney said

    I have An Old Friend painted by Edw. V. Brewer and am trying to find out more on it.

  6. Eric said

    Edward’s son David recently died, October 9th in Durango Colorado at age 91. He was said to be, along with his sister Barbara, the boy ang girl often used in his cream of wheat posters.

  7. Michael Scott said

    Hey I have one of his pic that is at about 97years old that I found

  8. adrienne watkins said

    the print I saw was of “ali baba and the forty thieves seven childern and the black man in front of the window. painted by edw v. brewer for cream of wehat also signed by brewer copyright 1914 by cream of wheat co. 14″ by10 1/2”. in color.please tell me when the picture was printed and the cost of one like this one.childern were laying,1 standing, 1 kneeling with cream of wheat bowls.

  9. Mark Tyler said

    Thanks for your response. Are you still interested in selling it? If you are, could you send photos of the watercolor to my email address, along with any other information you have. Thanks, Mark.

  10. S R said

    I have an unusual watercolor by Edwards as well-it is much like the Duck Hunt piece he did for Campbells Soup but it only has one hunter who is not in a boat, surrounded by his “kills”. perhaps a study Campbells declinied?
    Any info greatly appreciated-may list on ebay.

  11. Millie said

    I have two I think came from a magazine,1931 I think.One is titled Laying the cornerstone,the other is Say Cream Of Wheat You Rascal!

  12. Joseph F. Castro Jr. said

    After much research, I found that i have the Brewer sketch of “Children looking at a Chef” I hope that someone can inform me ,via email of the history and value of this sketch.Thank you in advance for your help

  13. Debra Lewis said

    Dear Pam,

    I would love to visit you so we could compare our two pictures eye-to-eye, but I am in California and have no plans to travel anytime soon. What a shame!

    Debra Lewis

    • Pamela Raser said

      Hi Debra,

      I travel to CA at least once a year to see my daughter and her family (typically Jan-Feb)…they live in the SF area (Richmond) and I’d be willing to bring the picture when we head out to Nevada next winter. Are you near the SF area?

      Pam Raser

  14. Debra Lewis said

    I am just across the bay from San Francisco; when traffic is good (which only happens around 4am) it’s a half hour or so to drive there. I would love it if you brought your picture.

    Debra Lewis

  15. Pam Raser said

    Hi Debra,

    I’ll be in touch closer to our next visit to CA (probably the end of January 2012)….our daughter and family just left this morning back to CA after a 17 day visit. Thanks.

    Pam Raser

  16. Debra Lewis said



  17. Joseph F. Castro Jr. said

    I have some of those cream of wheat sketches or prints,I really dont know what they are but I have 6 of them one of them is the brewer sketch.Id like more info on this collection and possible worth.Thank you in advance

  18. Kay Anderson said

    I found a print of the Old Spiral Bridge at a small antique shop in Northern Minnesota. When I was a kid in the late 30’s and 40″s muy family and I would drive over this bridge to get to Hastings. It was really a wonderful and scary drive! It reminded us of the Circus! Many of the residents of Hastings and the surounding area of Prescot, Wisconsin an Denmark Township have the prints. One of the prints hung on my Aunt’s wall for as long as I can remember.

  19. Deborah Tisdale said

    I have a cream of wheat Brewer poster , 34/25 … I have had it for 37 years . never seen another one like it , It is still in the old frame .it came in . La preference is on the frame
    would like to know more about it . can anyone help

  20. Greg Kelcher said

    Edward Brewer was my great uncle. I have an old print of the spiral bride purchased from the Ben Franklin store in Hastings. I recently purchased a much nicer print of the complete painting from Rossings Gallery in Hastings. I also have several copies of Cream of Wheat ads. Edward’s brother Nicholas, my great grandfather, was also a painter, having painted several Minnesota Governors.

  21. I am Edward Brewer’s grandson. My mother and Uncle David Brewer were the children in many of the C of Wheat paintings. I am especially interested in the firefighters and would love to know if Pamela and Debra ever got together. Would like to see pics of the side-by-side, if you did. Still thinking about getting an exhibit together of original work across the three generations of Brewer artists.

    • Hi Bill! Your grandfather did a portrait of my grandfather. HJ Soucheray. I’ve got it on my wall, when I’m “done using it,” it is promised to HC Soucheray, now age 2, brother Mike’s first grandson. I’ve sent you a friend request on FB. I’m not going to be available for the next couple of weeks. ~ Susie

  22. Dorothy Miller said

    I also have a print of the old spiral bridge at Hastings by Edward Brewer would be interested in its value it was moved to Arkansas by a Minn. family when they retired they have passed away and I got it at thier sale.

  23. John Allen Connolly said

    My great-grandfather, Cordenio Emery Mapes, was co-founder of Diamond Milling in Grand Forks, where Cream of Wheat was born (later moving to Minneapolis). For years I lived with my grandparents (my grandpa was Vice President/Secretary of the company) and met Ed Brewer at family gatherings on several occasions. I was only a boy back then, but I remember a large, beautiful landscape he’d painted, hanging over the landing — several C of W prints, as well. I barely remember him, except that he always had a smile for us kids.

  24. Hi everyone – Ed Brewer was a family friend, who painted many of the artworks for the Cream of Wheat company … My great-grandfather, Emery Mapes, was on of the original founders of the company. There used to be an original watercolor, hanging in my grandparents breakfast nook, of a baby, in a highchair with his/her face down in the bowl of Cream of Wheat. When my grandfather died, I lost track of the painting. It may have never been used by the company, but I’m fairly certain is was a Brewer, made expressly for the family. I never met Emery or Ed, but grew up hearing their names very often. My grandmother, Alta Dorothy Mapes Thomson died in Mpls. in 1970 and Ed Brewer a year later.

  25. K. Long said

    Hi everyone-I have a print~boy sitting at table eating a bowl of Cream of Wheat. This painting is on a very old wooden crate top, with Ed Brewer signature. You can tell the wood is vintage and the painting is in excellent condition. I found it at a goodwill. Now hanging on my wall.

  26. W. Parks said

    I have what appears to be a signed print of E.V. Brewer’s painting ” Where Healthy Babies Come From”, can anyone give me more information about this print?

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