Greatest American Painters

Robert Lindneux (1871 – 1970)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 6, 2009

Trail Of TearsTrail Of Tears


Let 'er Buck CowboyLet ‘er Buck Cowboy


The SilversmithThe Silversmith

Stolen SweetsStolen Sweets

A Formal VisitA Formal Visit

Buffalo scoutsBuffalo Scouts

Chisholm TrailChisholm Trail

Wild Bill HickokWild Bill Hickok

William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill)William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill)

Chief Joseph (Nez Perce)Chief Joseph (Nez Perce)

Chief Crazy Horse (Sioux)Chief Crazy Horse (Sioux)

General James LongstreetGeneral James Longstreet

9 Responses to “Robert Lindneux (1871 – 1970)”

  1. Joel said

    i have a Robert Lindneux print art sighned 1951 it says Printed on ATF Chief 25 seperation by Photo Litho CO. Cleveland OHIO i want to know some informnation on this print thank you

  2. i have a print by robert lindneux called formal visit and i am trying to find out the value of it.i also have a large paper titled robert ottokar lindneux,last of the great artist of the old west byjames taylor forrest1871-1971.this paper is all about lindneux and his long career,and life.i would like to know the value of these items.

  3. ray l love said

    I own the original ‘Buffalo Scouts’ and I hope to sell it. I am not sure what it is worth and would appreciate any information.

    • Hello,
      I do not know the value of the orginal painting, but if you do sell it would you let me know who bought it for my records, as I am related to Robert Lindneux and am trying to find as many of his paintings as I possibly can.
      Thank you,
      Mrs.Robert Lindneux Millard

  4. bridgett bingham said

    i have a orginal painting by robert lindneux buffalo scouts, this was when he signed it 1926 don;t know what;s it is worth. pleasa e mail if you know thank you

  5. Ben said

    I have a 1939 lithograph of Chisholm trail done by Robert. It’s in pretty rough shape. Any idea who would buy it and what it is worth?

  6. Paul Larson said

    I have a signed print of two moose dated 1929. There’s also some literature on the other side of the cardboard the print is on written in German in which he must have come to Wisconsin to speak. I wonder how much it’s worth.

  7. Mark Tatge said

    I have the original “Prong Horn Antelope”. This is from 1940.

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