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Zhao Kailin (1961)

Posted by M.R.N. on June 4, 2009

Season Of The Red OrangeSeason Of The Red Orange

Spring WindSpring Wind


dreams of hsin niangDreams Of Hsin Niang

Court YardCourt Yard

Dream Of The Girl (small)Dream Of The Girl

Symphony In RedSymphony In Red

Ju Li In Rust And GreenJu Li In Rust And Green

title unknowntitle unknown

Seated GirlSeated Girl


6 Responses to “Zhao Kailin (1961)”

  1. enrico said


    Magnifico questo autore. Tratti iperrealisti e atmosfere ovattate. Beautiful fa fede al nome. Ma in ogni quadro vedi uno sguardo d’amore. Bellissime le modelle.

    • Suzay Lamb said

      Vero. Bellissimi dipinti. Bellissime modelle. Ho scelto una decina di opere ma se vai sul sito dell’artista ne trovi molte altre, altrettanto belle. Bisogna dire che, nonostante egli viva adesso a Los Angeles e sia cittadino americano, la sua fonte d’ispirazione è chiaramente la tradizione cinese. Vedremo se nella sua futura produzione si manifesterà una maggiore contaminazione con la realtà americana. Per intanto teniamoci questi suoi dipinti così pieni di fascino e di grazia.

    • Dear Suzay,

      Our Gallery features all the lastest works from Zhao Kailin so to see his paintings in person every day is a real treat. As a matter of fact, I just had dinner with him one hour ago.
      He’s a very humble man and I will pass along your compliments.



    • Enrico,

      Thank you for your wonderful comments on the works of Zhao Kailin. I will pass tehm along to him as I just told Zuzay, I just had a wonderful dinner with him.


      John Tabacek

      Mandarin Fine Art Gallery
      Laguna Beach, CA 92651 USA

  2. Laurie Conrad said

    I was in Soho, NYC yesterday on a beautiful sunny day, walking the streets,looking at artwork on the sidewalks when I was drawn into the Eli Klein exhibit Temperature of Time-Jiang Huan. Took my breath away, and downstairs I came upon 2 paintings by Zhao Kailin, Floating and Flying. I couldn’t look away. The sense of light and wonder was so beautiful! I had to see more of his work so today I sought him out online. Thank you for sharing the work of this phenomenol artist.

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