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Henry Casselli (1946)

Posted by American Gallery on May 3, 2009

ronald-reaganRonald Reagan

janes-portraitJane’s Portrait


john-glenn-sts-95John Glenn, STS-95

in-from-the-huntIn From The Hunt


follow-the-leaderFollow The Leader

sore-anklesSore Ankles

wheres-papaWhere’s Papa

3 Responses to “Henry Casselli (1946)”

  1. marco said

    non conoscevo questo pittore, mi piace moltissimo la luce così potente e l’americanità dei soggetti, quelli umili e quelli famosi. La bellezza o almeno la dignità in quel che si è fatto.
    e grande Ronnie.

  2. Nicole said


    The image you have posted of President Reagan on the HENRY CASSELLI site is terribly distorted from the chest down. I have seen better images of this painting on the internet that you could possibly use.

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