Greatest American Painters

Harold N. Anderson (1894 – 1973)

Posted by M.R.N. on August 23, 2008

Young Boy Taking A Break From Studying

Auction Scene

Doctor Fixing Puppy’s Foot

Children Heading Off To School

2 Responses to “Harold N. Anderson (1894 – 1973)”

  1. Scheyenne Zigzag said

    I was deeply impressed by the sistinesque composition of Auction.

  2. Crister Thornstrom said

    Hello! I live in Sweden and has an oil painting of Harol N Anderson is from the 1930s, if I want to sell it what do I do, can you give me some information how I do. Board size is 65cmx95cm subject is an elderly couple who sits and eats dinner at finbordet, man feeding a dog on the sly for his wife.

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