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Eli Levin (1938)

Posted by M.R.N. on May 8, 2008


Nude And Mirror

Bathing In Green Shower

The Pensive Woman

Woman In Bed

Nude In An Interior

2 Responses to “Eli Levin (1938)”

  1. Beatrice Bornkast-meier said

    I have a little gem signed “LEVIN”….address on back says: “ELI J LEVIN 30 East 18 St Ny 3 NY GR 72137”. It is an oil on board of a simple wine bottle with red flowers and an apple….very different from the typical paintings of Eli Levin / Jo Basiste. It is from NY NY, from my uncle, who collected early works of artists. How do I determine authenticity?

    Does anyone have contact info for Mr. Levin / Basiste?

    Thank you!


  2. Mutsumi said

    I do know Eli Levine ( He goes by Eli Levine now). He is a friend of mine. If you are interested, you can send me a photo of your painting and I will show it to Eli.

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