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Eric White (1968)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on October 6, 2012

1973 Ford Pinto With Tanguy Sky (Three Women)

A Gentleman’s Mistake

The Big Foist

title unknown

The One

Another One

No Neutral Thoughts

title unknown

title unknown

1954 Lincoln Capri (All That Heaven Allows)

1956 De Soto Firedome Sportsman (Vertigo)

1957 Plymouth Plaza Sedan (Breakfast At Tiffany’s)

Collusion Behemoth

title unknown

title unknown

title unknown

On The Air

title unknown

1961 Ford Galaxie 500 Sunliner

1967 Ford Ranchero (Coming Home)

title unknown

Joshua L Chamberlain And The Angels Of …


The Drifter

1938 Dodge Brothers Business Coupé (Double Indemnity)

1940 Dodge De Luxe (Noirpool)

Massacre Of The Innocents

title unknown


title unknown

 © Eric White

official website


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James Brade Sword (1839 – 1915)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on October 5, 2012

Lake George

A Coastal Scene With Monastery

A Peep Into Lake George

Hunt Masters


Children Playing In A Dinghy On The Shore

The Picnic

Wish We Could Go Play

The Rivals

Woman Embroidering

New England Scenery

Coastal Scene

Morning Glow On The Harbor

Canine Friends – Best Friends

Two Children Playing In A Boat – The Rowboat


Middle Eastern Man Smoking Pipe

The Matador

Roland Parry

Winter Landscape

Off The Rhode Island Coast

A Coming Squall At Mattapoisett

Sunset By The Shore

Cows Along The River


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Seidai Tamura (1971)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on October 4, 2012

Secret Cove

The Three Graces

Flower By The Lake


Early Autumn

Early Autumn Part II

Summer Days


Sunset At Oxbow

Evening At Galena

Silver Chains




Reclining Lindsay


Ho! Ho! Ho!

Alexandra (Without Tattoo) – Blue Nocturne

Lindsay In The Sunset

Micaela In the Morning Light


Cupid Has Fled




Bart’s Stool

Belly Dancer


Morning Tea

Barb And Isla


Self Portrait

 © Seidai Tamura

official website


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Samuel Lovett Waldo (1783 – 1861)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on October 3, 2012

Mrs. Sackett

Andrew Jackson

Electa Barrell Wilder (Mrs. Sampson Wilder)

Portrait Of A Man

Edward Kellogg

Mrs. Edward Kellogg

Henry La Tourette de Groot

Mr. Wyngate Woodbury

Maria Clarissa Leavitt

David Leavitt

Mrs. James K. Bogert jr. (Elizabeth Benezet)

Robert G. L. De Peyster

Matthew Clarkson

The Reverend John Brodhead Romeyn

The Knapp Children

William Lawrence Van Zandt

Abigail Avery Van Zandt

Charles Grandison Finney

Major Richard Delafield

Zachariah Huntington

Elizabeth Mary Huntington Griswold

Frederick Wolcott

Elizabeth Kolyer Harper

Najah Taylor

Abigail Louise Smith Tallmadge

Joseph M. White

Deliverance Mapes Waldo And Her Son


Major General Andrew Jackson

Juliet Palmer Fanning


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Joshua LaRock (1983)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on October 2, 2012

A Grey And Melancholy Day

title unknown

title unknown

A Remembrance

A Little Beggar

A Little Beggar


Consider The Lilies Of The Field


Waiting To Cross

Jeune femme allant à la fontaine

Portrait Of The Artist’s Wife

The Entrance

The Entrance

The Veil

The Veil



Portrait Of The Artist

After Reading In The Garden

The Grape Harvest

Ale And Oysters

Sara (Red Sweater)




Sheena On Grisaille




 © Joshua LaRock

official website


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John Frederick Kensett (1816 – 1872)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on October 1, 2012

October Day In The White Mountains

New England Sunrise

Sunset Over Lake George

A Quiet Day On The Beverly Shore

Beacon Rock At Newport Harbor

View On The Hudson

Beach At Beverly

Cascading Brook

Lake George

Newport Coast

The Shrine – A Scene In Italy

Lake With Boaters

Entrance To Newport Harbor

Bash Bish Falls

Hunters On A Riverbank

Cascade In The Forest

The Old Pine, Darien, Connecticut

Sunrise Among The Rocks Of Paradise, Newport

New England Coastal Scene With Figures

The White Mountains From North Conway

Niagara Falls And The Rapids

Connecticut Shoreline In Autumn

An Adirondack Pond

Lake George

At Pasture

The Langdale Pike

Landscape With Stream

New Hampshire And School’s Out

Catskill Mountain Scenery

Twilight On The Sound, Darien, Connecticut


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Francis Davis Millet (1846 – 1912)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on September 30, 2012

Reading The Story Of Oenone

After The Festival

An Autumn Idyll

A Handmaiden

Woman Lacing A Sandal

Wandering Thoughts

Kate Field

Woman In A Brown Dress

Between Two Fires

At The Inn

A Difficult Duet

The Window Seat (Artist’s Wife)

Portrait Of Mrs.Millet

Playing With Baby

Old Harmonies

The Widow

The Expansionist

The Granddaughter

A Spring Offering

A Cosey Corner

Mark Twain

The Turkish Guard

Turkish Waterseller

Portrait Of A Young Circassian Woman

A Broadway Milkmaid

Lilly Millet In A Hammock

Flemish Kitchen

How The Gossip Grew

The Cossacks – Fifty Lashes


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