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Charles Levier (1920 – 2004)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on December 9, 2012

At The Window


Girl In Blue

title unknown


Miss Liberty

Young Corsican Girls


Girl At Docks – Woman With Sailboats

title unknown

The Road


The Sea

Backstage Of The Theatre

title unknown

Nude With Mantle


title unknown

Portrait Of A Girl


title unknown

The Weekend

title unknown

title unknown

Four Figures On A Street

Nude By The Sea

Woman With Bouquet

In The Forest

Naked In A Room

Miss New York City

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Adrian Tomine (1974)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on December 7, 2012

Missed Connection

International Incident


A. C. – Because The Night

Bored On Tourism


Looking For Someone – Online Dating

She Read The Letter Again And Again…

Be Kind

Waiting It Out

Double Feature

Winter Break

Moonrise Kingdom

High And Low

There Was A Father

The Only Son

In The Mood For Love

The Leftovers


Town Of Cats

Alexander The Last

Girls Rock

title unknown

E. 9 Street – Giant Robot

Optic Nerve

Sylvia Plath

Coco Before Chanel




© Adrian Tomine

official website

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Gert Wollheim (1894 – 1974)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on December 6, 2012

Lady With Kakadu

Tatiana Barbakoff

Circus Scene

Farewell From Dusseldorff

The Card Players – An Allegory

The Maze

The Undiscovered Country

Sibille du Mont

Portrait Of A Woman

title unknown

The Goddess Of The Garden City

The Mad Woman

title unknown

A Ride In Grunewald

Swiss Landscape With Gardens By A Lake

In The Swiss Alps

The Wounded Man

title unknown

This Is Bad Uncle Dix

title unknown

The Musician Ton Don

Spirits Quail

Female Nude In A Landscape With Trees


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Mary Beth McKenzie (1946)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on December 5, 2012

Adolescent (Marcsi)


Loft Interior With Nude

First Child (Modigliani Print)

Sisters (Zsuzsa And Marcsi)

Marcsi (Self-Portrait)


Bass Player (Five String Bass)

Jazz Guitar Player

Green Wicker Chair

Marcsi (Window)

Conversation (Maria And Mary)

Pregnant Nude (Iliana)

Zsuzsa Asleep (Cat)

Sunday Mornings

Marcsi, Zsuzsa And Pip

Young Girl In Profile

Self-Portrait (Girls In Pond)

Marcsi Asleep (Pink Background)

Couple (Mark And Luc)

First Child

Sleep (Maria)



New York Window (couple)

Kathy (Red Background)

Butterfly Chair (Mery)


Standing Nude (With Arms Crossed)

Self-Portrait (Blue Shirt)

© Mary Beth McKenzie

official website

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Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839 – 1924)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on December 3, 2012

Beneath The Apple Tree

La Petite Jardinière

Hailing The Ferry

Maria And Madeleine On The Terrace

On The Terrace At Rolleboise

Women Washing Clothes By A Stream

Apple Blossoms In Normandy

By The Riverside

Julia Among The Roses

Maria On The Terrace

The Pet Dove

Gathering Lilacs

In The Garden

Maria On The Terrace, Rolleboise

Martha, A Days Sport

Dolce Far Niente

Peasant Girls In Flower Garden

The Conversation

Coming Home From Market

The Flower Girl

A July Morning

The Laundress

The Village Seamstress

Gathering Apple Blossoms

Country Women Fishing On A Summer Afternoon

A Conversation

The Honeymoon Breakfast

Resting Harvesters

Seated Girl With Flowers


to be continued…

(other paintings)


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Tony Curanaj (1973)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on December 2, 2012

Girl In White

Mariana In The West

Sitting Woman

Girl In Red

Sub In Profile


Girl In Profile

Winter Self Portrait

A Good Find – Portrait Of A Tusken Raider

Yorick The Jester

Arrangement With Reds

Coffee Grinder And Book

Still Life With Reds

Balkan Peppermill On Book

Flowers With Pattern


Still Life With Granny Smith

Evening Repose


Lemons On White

Red Tea Basket With Books

Santa Fe Hopper

View From Chateau de Balleroy


© Tony Curanaj

official website


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Jinchul Kim

Posted by Suzay Lamb on December 1, 2012

Artist – The Nighthawk

When Sensitivity Meets Consciousness

Destination Of Thought – Distance

750 IL


Perceiving Existence

Cara Walking


Departure – Starting Over

Within The Fog There Is No Darkness


Morning Coffee

Double Focus – American Drama

First Visit

Nina Seated

Hardly Ever Heard

Portrait Of Kate

The Psychology Of Judgment And Decision Making

Love Poem


Many Times Over

White Haven




Portrait Of Eve

You Are Tangled In My Hair



The Story Of Purple Sam

© Jinchul Kim

official website

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