Greatest American Painters

Bennett Bradbury (1914 – 1991)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on March 19, 2011

An August Evening, Big Sur

Beach Sentinels

Dusk China Cove, Pt. Lobos

Hawaiian Coastal Scene

Eventide, Monterey Coast

Pacific Sunset


Jade Beach, Big Sur

California Coastal


Mountain Scene

In The Cascades

Laguna Coastline

N. W. From Mammoth

Irvine Cove

Pacific Cove

Lazy Surf

Rocky Coastal Seascape

Mendocino Coast

17 Responses to “Bennett Bradbury (1914 – 1991)”

  1. Tom Baldwin said

    I own one Bradbury, and would like to procure a 2nd if the price is right

  2. Jeremy Rubin said

    I have the original rolling surf by bennette bradbury

  3. Harry said

    I have Grey Skies, an original I picked up at an estate sale. It was at the Grand Central Art gallery in New York, because it has a tag on the back with an inventory number on it. I guarantee the price will be fair on this one as I do not collect art.

  4. Ryan Diekmann said

    I have a Bradburry sierra Mt painting and would like to sell it for the right price,Itsstamped sig is bottom left hand side of painting. I bought it in a consignment shop i need to sell.I can send pics if desired.

  5. Ryan Diekmann said

    Tom,I have a Mt scene by Bradburry,if you are interested please e mail me and i can send you pics etc about it.My name is Ryan Diekmann,Cedar City Ut.

  6. Cheryl Secrest said

    I have an original oil painting by Bennett Bradbury with a plaque on the front stating “Rough Seas off Laguna” 1958. If interested, email me.

  7. send me a picture and a price if you still own the painting 7602699838


  8. Norma said

    I have Bennet Bradbury Sierra Morn pic & would like to sell it

  9. Ken Stafford said

    I have a Bennette Bradburry rolling surf.I found it in my mom’s attic.Was wondering what it is worth falling on hard times.

  10. Marc Allyn Medina said

    What is the size and how much are you asking for it”
    Thabnk you,
    Marc Allyn Medina

  11. David Ashford said

    i have a bennet bradury sheltered bay print the newspaper behind it has a date of 1959, it is signed and a plaque with his name on it. Does anyone know the est. value of one of these

  12. Christine said

    I have a full color reproduction, 14 x 18 printed on heavy paper of the painting of California’s Mendocino County coast, by American artist Bennett Bradbury. Does it have any monetary. value It was printed in 1956.

  13. Rachel said

    I have “Rolling Surf” by Bennett Bradbury and I am looking to sell. please email me if interested.

  14. Sandi said

    I have 2 paintings of Lipoa Point (known also as “Windmills beach” Maui, Hawaii.

  15. tim said

    i have a bennett dradbury painting 437 if any has info let me know,,

  16. Shelley Haslett said

    I just found a signed numbered 504/950 Bennett Bradley print”In The Cascades”
    in an art folder that a friend passed on. Just checking to see what if may be worth?

  17. Margaret said


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