Greatest American Painters

John Philip Falter (1910 – 1982)

Posted by Suzay Lamb on January 28, 2011

Lunch Counter

Good Guys Wear White Hats

Jam Session

Jamming With Dad

Date With The Television

Overflowing Tub

Republican Convention

A Better Life For You

Commuters In The Rain

Flying Kites

Listening To The Sea

After Dinner At The Farm

Letter From Overseas

Backyard Wedding – June Wedding

Classroom Christmas

Evening Picnic

San Francisco Bay Boys

Family Birthday Party

Tossing The Football

Family Portrait On The Fourth

Surf Swimming

The Visit

Red Cross poster

title unknown

5 Responses to “John Philip Falter (1910 – 1982)”

  1. allen said

    Those were wonderful. Thanks for posting!

  2. Babo said

    Love it! Looks like covers from the Saturday evening post.

  3. Babo said

    Oh thank you for pointing that out! Great post by the way!

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